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We believe in Ethics, Quality and Customer service

Established in 1956, D. B. Kapoor & Co. is the Oldest and one of the leading Indenting Agencies in India in the used clothing industry. We are primarily into imports of sorted used clothing. We strongly believe in Ethical dealing which reflects in our work, delivering Quality in every aspect and excellent Customer Service to achieve supplier and customer delight. Over the last 61 years in business we have strived for and achieved mutual business goals and close relationship with some of the most reputed suppliers and all the worthy buyers in India. Our Company has maintained momentum over the years and now it is the third generation in the business having suppliers and buyers, many of whom are more than 50 years with us. We are sincerely committed to making the planet greener and liveable by enabling Recycling and supporting sustainability.

Our Services


Being technically and commercially qualified academically and with our experience and knowledge accumulated over the years we are able to match offered products with the most deserving buyer. Also we are in constant touch with the markets so can achieve best prices and predict demand. We work towards a win-win situation for the buyer and the supplier.


India is a country still rooted in red tapeism and proper documentation for banking, shipping and customs occupies high importance. We prepare every contract and meticulously check every Invoice, B/L and other documents so that the goods do not incur unnecessary detention and demurrages at the port.

Quality Check

We visit our buyers regularly and get their feedback on quality. In the rare event of a complaint by the buyer, we inspect the goods personally.

Our company at a glance

  • Oldest in business of imports and exports as Indenting agents and are one of the leading Indenting agencies in India.
  • Upwards of 10 Million kgs of used clothing shipped annually.
  • We import all types of used clothing and Textile surplus and wastes.
  • We have excellent relationship with our buyers and suppliers, some being with us since 50+ years.
  • Our Supplier base is spread across 16+ Countries.
  • We have a buyer base of 100+ big and small buyers in India and abroad.

Our Philosophy

We believe in earning our bread purely through commission. We do not indulge in any trading as trading activity by us constitutes conflict of interest and would be detrimental to the trust reposed in us by the buyers and suppliers.

We believe in helping our suppliers and buyers grow by our ethical dealings and getting the highest price for the suppliers and the right product and quality matching the customer's needs along with proper documentation and service.

We work towards a win-win situation.

We believe in building long lasting relationships.

Our Management

D. B. Kapoor & Co. was founded by Mr. D. B. Kapoor (Bachelor of Science) and an expert and aggressive salesman. He was joined by his sons and now his grandson has recently joined the business. Each generation bringing in their own expertise and skills to the table.

sudhir kapoor

Sudhir Kapoor

B. Tech Textiles, IIT Delhi

Joined the business in 1983, he has continued with the policies of the company and values of Ethics, Quality and Customer Service passed on to him by his father, Mr. D. B. Kapoor.

Having a degree in Textile technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi he brings to the table technical expertise which he has used to provide consultation to buyers and suppliers by innovating and helping them innovate.

He currently manages the sales and overall business strategy of the used clothing and other businesses.

arun kapoor

Arun Kapoor

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Mumbai

Younger son of Mr. D. B. Kapoor, joined the business in 1982 is looking after the wool business. He is a dynamic person who believes in seizing opportunity and doing justice to it by utilizing his academic knowledge, experience and values.

He has a vast amount of experience in the Wool industry and good salesmanship having developed a huge buyer base of Carpet grade wool and wool wastes in India.

He currently manages the sales and overall business strategy of Wool and Wool wastes business.

khushal kapoor

Khushal Kapoor


Son of Mr. Sudhir Kapoor, he has joined the business in 2017.

He is a young and enthusiastic person who believes in maintaining values passed on to him by his father and grandfather and at the same time bringing in new ideas and perspective to the business.

Having a degree in MBA specialising in innovation & entrepreneurship, he brings to the table new management techniques and ideas to improve systems, modernize the business. He is currently undergoing training from his father and manages sales and administration.